Doctors’ Day

This campaign was intended to celebrate St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton doctors without elevating them above the rest of their colleagues – an ever-present and challenging battle within health care organizations. We chose a team focus to remind internal and external audiences that all health care is a collaborative effort.

Due to many competing campaigns occurring in the organization, this was primarily a social media campaign to help us focus our efforts. We achieved high engagement, well above industry standards. This was the first Doctor’s Day campaign run in many years and was received so well that the tactics were repurposed for the 2020 campaign. St. Joe’s physicians loved being able to offer shout-outs to their teams and the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration was elevated.

SS_10_Greg Rutledge_Erich Hanel_David Bruinsma_Team_Emergency Department
SS_3_Robin Lennox_Indvl_Family Medicine
SS_11_Janet Patterson_Trish Murphy_David Fudge_Usha Parthasarathi_Vanessa Lentz_Carys Massarella_Team_Psychiatric Emergency Service

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