why you’ll hear a lot more from me from now on

If you’re reading this, you’ve also probably read some sort of news about what’s going on in the world. You’ve probably engaged in politics or a political issue in the last few days. It’s hard to avoid, these days, and it’s important to stay informed. But if you haven’t engaged with politics, I don’t blame … More why you’ll hear a lot more from me from now on

heading north

“You’re going where?” was the reaction I got from most people when I told them about my plans for the long weekend. Nobody expected us to go to Jaffna. We were, in fact, discouraged from it. Only seven years after the end of the war, Jaffna is not exactly a tourist destination. It’s far away, it’s … More heading north

how the light gets in

Despite my best efforts, I find myself often comparing my Sri Lankan life with my Canadian life. Comparisons can be dangerous; they take you away from your current context and inevitably lead to disappointment as you discover that things are usually different and sometimes weird and never what you’re used to. It’s so easy and so natural … More how the light gets in