my sri lankan life (so far)

It’s almost 1am on Saturday, September 10. I have been in Sri Lanka for two full days, and I’m apparently the only one of the nine of us who arrived together who isn’t affected by jet lag. Everyone has been asleep for several hours and I feel like I’m nowhere close. I’m laying in my bed in a […]

can you see the real me?

It’s August, and I’m sitting on a tile floor in Nicaragua. It’s hot. I’m wearing a sticky t-shirt, am desperately fanning myself with my hands, and I’m talking about passion with a group of people that I met five days ago. “Write down your three biggest passions” Presence Authenticity Garbage I didn’t know these were the […]


Every year, a bunch of beautiful famous people come together and celebrate filmmaking and being beautiful and famous. The Academy Awards. The event we all love to hate. For 88 years in a row, we’ve sat on our couches with tubs of ice cream as men and women in glamorous designer clothing accept awards for being exceptional […]

made in canada

I just finished reading a very long post on facebook (x) about supporting the Canadian economy by consciously buying products made in Canada. The author of this post is afraid of North American brands outsourcing their production to (often) developing countries. She leaves us with a call to action: “Stop buying from overseas countries!” The author of this post […]