can you see the real me?

It’s August, and I’m sitting on a tile floor in Nicaragua. It’s hot. I’m wearing a sticky t-shirt, am desperately fanning myself with my hands, and I’m talking about passion with a group of people that I met five days ago. “Write down your three biggest passions” Presence Authenticity Garbage I didn’t know these were the […]

amor vincit omnia?

Love conquers all. It’s all you need to overcome the day-to-day. It’s the most powerful weapon. Love wins. But what about when it doesn’t? What happens when love isn’t enough? I love INDEV. I love the program, the people in it, the prospects associated with it. This program has stretched me into the kind of […]


Every year, a bunch of beautiful famous people come together and celebrate filmmaking and being beautiful and famous. The Academy Awards. The event we all love to hate. For 88 years in a row, we’ve sat on our couches with tubs of ice cream as men and women in glamorous designer clothing accept awards for being exceptional […]